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My Role: Project Manager, UX Researcher, Design Assistant, Content Assistant

The Project

The Scenario: Interdisciplinary team of 4; 12-week turnaround in Agile environment

The Task: Create an interactive web app that solves a common problem for college students.

The Process

Market Research: We interviewed numerous students and conducted a survey of over 125 young adults aged 18-25. This research provided us with insights into the financial needs of college students.

Audience Analysis: From this research, we honed in on our target audience and conducted a few more interviews. This resulted in two unique personas:

Ideation: Based on our data, we compiled four major findings to guide our app idea.

  1. We found that college students want convenience and flexibility. They need something that can adjust to their crazy, irregular schedules and spending habits.
  2. College students also need something to help hold them accountable and remind them of their goals. Many students attested to acting on whims instead of following set spending routines.
  3. Oftentimes college students have low or irregular income. The majority of students we interviewed on campus worked part time, did odd jobs, or worked for tips. This means these students can’t rely on a consistent paycheck every two weeks as older adults might.
  4. Lastly, college students feel overwhelmed and inexperienced when it comes to budgeting their money. Building a credit score or starting a savings account can be a daunting task when you’re first transitioning into adulthood.

Solution: budget(ish): a simple, intuitive web app aimed at educating and assisting young adults in creating lifelong budget habits based on their current financial needs.

The Product:

After only 12 weeks, we developed a fully-functional and responsive web app, based in Ruby on Rails with front-end design in HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. Test it out yourself!